Google Docs and Conference calls

We (Stef, Diane, Lee,Zach and Bev) spent an hour discussing the changes to the Google docs we are working on to get all our permissions and classifications ready to migrate to Koha. We are creating an Xcel doc for the users and still need to resolve the transfer of the circ info. Diane and I will work on finishing up the migrarion docs. and later I will set up the server and see how it runs.  The operating system is Suse 11.0 which is an open source appliance.  We may get pushed back from our orginal 9-1 date but we think we can make up the time lost in people on vacation.  We moved our webinar to Aug. 11 and we will use the conference call and internet to do a run through of the Koha system. Any staf member will be able to participate from a PC.


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