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Test set for next week

Well Ryan (from LibLime) Zack (our server guy), Stef (systems) and I met on line to talk about testing the data load and the server compatability with our plug ins. Althought I am not too concerned with the plugin issues (scanners and printers) I am concerned about the records and circ info. So we will get to see what our Koha ILS will look like in production ahead of the final data load and “Go Live”.  This will give us a chance to fine tune what we have.  Mostly to take full advantage of the features in Koha we need to have data in specific fields. There is a shelf browsing feature that requires a shelf location in the bib record…something I don’t think we currently have in Spectrum. So we will try to see if we can create that data to link to…maybe. Zack has given Ryan root access to our server and he will SSH the install and data to a test installation.  We will probably keep the test install so we can continue to customize our ILS and opac with out working in the production side after we are up and running. What is cool in this application is that the test server will update automatically from the production server side every night so we have current data to play with. 

The other issue was customizing our opac which we will do with Owen from Nelsonville PL.  He has the features on his opac we covet most. More on that as we get closer to the go live. Onward! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Testing the Server and the test data load

We had our Thursday chat with LibLime’s Bev today and we agreed we are ready to test our server and data load. All our circ records and transactions have been created in an excel format for data conversion.  Zack, Ryan (LibLime) and I will meet in a phonecon on Tuesday to discuss the logistics of the test.  Zack and I are hoping for a Secure File Transfer from LibLime’s test server to our server.  We will then be sure that all our appliances work(scaanners, reciept printers etc.) and that the OPAC pulls data correctly from our MySql databases(created by LibLime).  In the event that all goes well 😉 we will be able to set a “go live” date.  Even tho’ our original plan was to run Winnebago and Koha side by side -after much discussion we have decided to step from one ILS platform to another.  We plan on being down (closed) for two days as we get the new system up and running. Ryan will also help us customize our OPAC page.  We have been looking at other library sites and we are looking forward to creating something that is all our own. In the mean time I am building the library webpage with Word Press.  It should be visually different and easy to edit and/or change. More next week! Cheers!

Implementation Checklist

We have been working on setting our preferences and permissions this week.  Our bibliographic records are on the test server and our patron records too.  We are getting ready for testing our own server with the test OPAC.  After we get the kinks worked out I think we will only have our circ records to migrate in an Excel format to the MySql database.  These records will be mapped into the preferences we have set in Koha and if everything goes well with the migration we should be able to step from one platform (Winnebago) to Koha in 48 hours.  I am going to give you a link to our OPAC to check out our records.  If you look at a record you will see a box to the right that says “download” in the drop down you can choose MODSXML or Dublin Core.  Your PC will need to have a program to open these records but MODS opens nicely in Firefox.  What are you looking at? You are looking at a MARC record converted to an XML format that is easier to convert into  digital formats. 

Don’t get me wrong it is not perfect and some bibliographic info is sacrificed but I believe it is the future of interoperability.

Here is the link to Butte’s Newborn OPAC

And here is Nelsonville Ohio’s grown up OPAC