Testing the Server and the test data load

We had our Thursday chat with LibLime’s Bev today and we agreed we are ready to test our server and data load. All our circ records and transactions have been created in an excel format for data conversion.  Zack, Ryan (LibLime) and I will meet in a phonecon on Tuesday to discuss the logistics of the test.  Zack and I are hoping for a Secure File Transfer from LibLime’s test server to our server.  We will then be sure that all our appliances work(scaanners, reciept printers etc.) and that the OPAC pulls data correctly from our MySql databases(created by LibLime).  In the event that all goes well 😉 we will be able to set a “go live” date.  Even tho’ our original plan was to run Winnebago and Koha side by side -after much discussion we have decided to step from one ILS platform to another.  We plan on being down (closed) for two days as we get the new system up and running. Ryan will also help us customize our OPAC page.  We have been looking at other library sites and we are looking forward to creating something that is all our own. In the mean time I am building the library webpage with Word Press.  It should be visually different and easy to edit and/or change. More next week! Cheers!


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