Monthly Archives: September 2008

And so it begins….

Today we finished up cataloging and ftp-ed the bib records to the Liblime server. Tomorrow we will review department punch lists to correct any issues or settings.  Wednesday is the first in house training in circ. We will review the client interface and everyone will be trained in circ over the next week. Friday our updated user records and circ records are loaded on the production server. Saturday we will start up Koha leaving one machine running Winnebago Spectrum as a safety. Monday the 29th we will be closed for the final test and trouble shooting. Sept 30 we will complete the migration shut down the Winnebago server and use the Koha client and OPAC.  We will launch the new OPAC and our databases on a new library website.  We are using a content management system called WordPress.  I will post the links to the new website and the OPAC on Monday the 29th.

SO! Take a look and see what you think! I will be at Chico for ASLD/PLD to present LibLime and Koha on Monday first thing in the AM so bring you questions.



12 days and counting

We are set to “Go Live” on the 29th.  In case there are any issues with the ILS we will reserve Monday the 29th as a “fix it” day. A few of the things we are working on right now is a template for the reciept printer, correcting the scanner set up to read the various forms of bar codes we have.  Some of them have 8 digits, some 13 digits and a few have 14.  The solution was to pad the shorter numbers with zeros and program the scanner to read only the first 13 digits.  This was done as a global edit of the bib records in MySQL. We will know if it works on Friday the 26th when our bibs, users and circ records are loaded on the production server by LibLime.  We are working on finishing touches on the OPAC gui (graphical user interface-what the user sees and interacts with). Increasing type size and text is done is basic html. Our new web page is coming along.  We are polishing up links and hoping for the best. 

So stay tuned those of you who have been lurking….we will be up and running Open Source on 10-1-08.