Back in Butte…Humanities Montana says yes

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Ireland was great and now it is time to start working on the million projects that we have been funded for this year. The latest is the Digital Film Project for young adults (YAs). We are hoping to id and contract with 4-6 mentors and recruit 12-24 YAs to begin filming in December. The project is a documentary on the YA view of Butte as “place”. We will be looking at creating 12-14 5-6 minute short film clips string them together in so storyboard fashion that will hopefully tell the story of Butte through the eyes of the YAs (13-18 yrs) We have had a good response to the project with funding from Humanities Montana for honorarium and from NW Energy for equipment. Anyone out there who would like to work on this project or if you’re just interested in it, get in touch.

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