Monthly Archives: February 2010

Koha Community launches WP page

Yesterday Liz Rea from NEKLS volunteered her expertise and launched a WordPress MU (multi user) CMS for the Koha Community. The reason for the new page is that is still being held hostage in the buy out of LibLime by PTFS. It has been many months since any new info has been posted to which leaves many libraries (and developers) in the dark about the progress of 3.2 which many of us have been waiting for to upgrade. Not only that, but the lack of access to has virtual silenced the community from addressing the concerns and interests of other libraries curious about Koha.
The new site can be found at
It is being hosted by the HLT trust in New Zealand and the original build has Liz’s capable hands shaping the look and content.
In other news, Galen Charlton (release manager) has moved 3.2 to alpha with a plan to get to a beta release (soon we all hope).
The resourceful can-do attitude of the Koha Community should be an inspiration to all FOSS folks. I know they inspire me!