KohaCon 2010 Countdown

New Zealand - Punakaiki, fern
Image by vtveen via Flickr

I am headed to New Zealand to attend Kohacon 10, which really is just an excuse to hang out in the flesh with some of my favorite librarians and developers. I am amazed sometimes why we are all so continuously excited about libraries and the work of libraries. Then I remember the faces of the people our library in Butte serves.  It is about “lifting all boats” and improving the quality of life for everyone.  As I look over at the huge pile of wearables and connectables I have to stuff into two bags, I realize that what I really need to bring is in my heart and what I need to bring back doesn’t require a bag.

The time to get on the plane is rapidly approaching.  Suddenly the “how to” and “what for” doesn’t really matter. I feel incredibly lucky to be attending KohaCon 10 and New Zealand IS a trip of a lifetime, (or so everyone keeps telling me)! 😉

My parting comments to those of the Koha Community who will be watching from a far, are as follows:

First, we are all in this together, so where ever you are, WE are.

Second, the Koha Community lifts all boats, those who are major players, big consortia, vendors, and developers as well as the smallest of small libraries in the most remote corners of the world, the independent developers, and those of us who rely on IRC or a twitter feed to stay in touch with the Koha project.

Here is a link to the Kohacon 10 Connect Live Twitter feed, drop in when you can…

KohaCon 2010.

A state consortia employee once commented that the Koha devotees were “enamored with open source and free stuff” that really isn’t free. Well, that may be true. What else is true is that we belong to a virtual community that grows exponentially every year welcoming all who want to participate. People contribute back to the project because they “get” the idea that “we” is bigger and better than “me”. For all our squabbles and growing pains at the end of the day, the sun is rising on a Koha library somewhere.  See you all soon.

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