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KohaCon 10- The Return of the… Librarian

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I wish I could be as organized as Nicole Engard who has boundless energy and lightning speed in disseminating information. Most of you who drop in here already have access to the Koha monthly newsletter so I am going to put a link here just in case you have stumbled in and want to know more about the goings on at KohaCon 10 in Wellington, New Zealand.

I met so many amazing people at the conference that I could not begin to list them all here. Suffice it to say librarians and developers and service providers can work and learn together with little or no conflict, for a common purpose. All questions and requests for more information were met with professionalism and consideration.

As a presenter of the Librarian’s POV of the open source community and a Koha public library, I was pleased that our little video presentation was so well received. We spend SO much time on a keyboard communicating it is fun to see and hear some one tell about their experiences face to face, here is the link to Bywater’s blip TV link of my video.

I think the most memorable experience was our trip in mass to the Marae in Levin, home of the first Koha library (a public library). Meeting the people of the iwi and understanding the true meaning of the word Koha (gift) connected for me the discussion on governance and the importance of Koha remaining true to its origins and purpose. As Francois Marier presented in his talk about open source and access to information, our freedom to know and learn depends on guaranteeing a creative commons.

So, if you were not able to attend KohaCon 10 in Wellington, I think you might get a lot out of looking at the presentations and pics from the event. If nothing else be sure to look at Bob Birchall from Calyx presentation on Governance, it was some of the most relevant information as we move into Koha’s second decade.

Kia Ora

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