Free software, flooded libraries: The good and the bad…

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One of the life lessons I have learned these past few months is that “it is all good…” I have seen some pretty amazing things emerge from some grim situations. It seems that in the face of adversity the best of us rise up and champion what is right, true, fair and good.  Those of us who choose to see the glass half full.

First Koha- the good was the conference in Wellington where we all got to look into each others’  eyes, each others’ code and see common ground and renewed commitment.  The bad was the unnecessary wrestling over proprietary ideas, which to most people seems oxymoronic.

Second- my library flooded on Nov. 30th. Five inches of water on three floors-that was profoundly bad. More damage to the building than the collections- that’s good. Drywall and carpet can be replaced, but the community has been without its library now for two weeks…and believe me for some that is an eternity- that’s bad.  So time to do the right thing- serve the people- that’s good. Amazingly one by one the community- my community- the one I serve- stepped up to serve ME! How humbling. First a free space at the mall big enough to offer services, then Walmart came with a crew, materials and went to work making it a bright and happy place- that’s good. The local carpet dealer showed up and is laying 2400 sq ft of NEW carpet, for free- that’s good. We will be open to the public providing the OH SO necessary services of a library, 20 days from our flood- Yea, that is good. I have 2 or 3 months before I can open our main library- that is bad.  The community I serve knows the value of what we do and THEY have made it possible for me to do my job- that is good.

So the glass is half full. It is all about how we feel about our place in the scheme of things…when we realize we are part of a bigger community and what we do means something to others, it MUCH easier to give without reservation knowing our cup will be filled again- that is good.

So as the new year approaches, be happy, be glad, be secure in your place in the bigger picture and see the good that can come from the bad.

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