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BSB Library to add a Museum to ILS

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I like to think that there is at least one thing I do here in Butte in a month someone might be interested in. This month we submitted an application to IMLS (Institute of Museum and Library Sciences) for grant funding to take our World Museum of Mining‘s sampling of 80 jpeg images that are in comma separated values(CSV) to marc. Then we are gonna add a digital branch to our ILS and let them link to our OPAC from their website.

As it is now they are not discoverable on the internet. We will also batch load the records to OCLC (at our expense) so World Cat will improve searching for the images.

As one of letter’s of support stated:

“This project to create a reusable infrastructure that will result in the cataloging of and creation of multiple access points for a valuable collection of historic photographs is valuable not only for Butte -Silver Bow Public Library and the World Museum of Mining but also for cultural institutions around the state. This project will provide a test for smaller libraries and museums to find a cost-effective way to catalog their unique collections of historic photographs.”

How can we do this on our tiny budget in our small library, you ask? We can do it BECAUSE we are a Koha-Community library and if I can imagine it, chances are it can be done! Many thanks to the Koha-Community for allowing me to reach waaaaay beyond what some say can not be done.

I’ll let you know if we get funded…should be six months or so before we know. (gotta love the government)


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