Monthly Archives: April 2011

Butte Public Back in Bizness

Butte Silver Bow Public Library is open for business after four months of renovations to our building after a pipe broke this winter.  We have new carpet on three floors and lots of new paint. We opened a branch in the local shopping mall to serve the public and now we need to decide if we want to keep it open. It provides service on smaller scale but serves a population that can’t  get to the main library due to location. More great news for us is the BTOP grant award (Broadband Tech. Opportunity project) We have 20 new Dell laptops and 10 new PCs as well as switches and furniture which Stef and I spend our free (LOL) time formatting and constructing (some assembly required) I got 16 chairs assembled on Friday AM. But we are excited about putting all this new hardware in the public’s hands, it will help a lot of folks who don’t have internet at home and give us more equipment to continue the wildly popular Tech Tips classes.

Looking forward to spring and summer, did lots of skiing this winter, but I am ready for warm weather again. Hope all is well in your corner of the world.