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Great Day- Koha 3.2 beta is released!!!

Example of Koha's Blobby Man Icon
Image by Galen Charlton via Flickr

It is like a birthday/Christmas present! I can’t wait to open it and see how it works! Many thanks to all the developers and Galen our most excellent release manager. Just in time, we are ready for an update!!LOL

Here is the link to the wiki and the tarball.

Doing a little dance…Happy days are here again!

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MT State Library commissioner? Yup, me!

Montana State Library
Image by libraryman via Flickr

Just a short post to let those who wander here know that I have been appointed by our lovely governor to sit on the State Library Commission for the next year. It should be very enlightening. I attended my first meeting yesterday and got a really cool commissioner badge that I think I will where everywhere. The highlights of the meeting for me were ARM changes regarding library trustee meetings (minimum of 6 per year and no more than 90 days apart) and the Collection dev policies can be approved by the local board and not the State Library. Both give more power and flexibility to public libraries. The commission also was schooled on the fiscal finances of the State Library and how funds are appropriated….interesting. Next biennium is looking grim budget wise so hang on to your donations!! Next Commission meeting is in the fascinating town of Ennis in August. For more info on the Commission see the Montana State Library website.

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