Outta town ….still. thank you, sister


Needed some sun, headed to my sister’s in Fla.
Be back soon. Shopping for a condo…. oh yeah!! Be nice to me!


Butte Public Back in Bizness

Butte Silver Bow Public Library is open for business after four months of renovations to our building after a pipe broke this winter.  We have new carpet on three floors and lots of new paint. We opened a branch in the local shopping mall to serve the public and now we need to decide if we want to keep it open. It provides service on smaller scale but serves a population that can’t  get to the main library due to location. More great news for us is the BTOP grant award (Broadband Tech. Opportunity project) We have 20 new Dell laptops and 10 new PCs as well as switches and furniture which Stef and I spend our free (LOL) time formatting and constructing (some assembly required) I got 16 chairs assembled on Friday AM. But we are excited about putting all this new hardware in the public’s hands, it will help a lot of folks who don’t have internet at home and give us more equipment to continue the wildly popular Tech Tips classes.

Looking forward to spring and summer, did lots of skiing this winter, but I am ready for warm weather again. Hope all is well in your corner of the world.

It is a political year…time to educate to the public.

The Time for Libraries is NOW!

Slide show with some great statistics, that are  international in impact. Check it!

Nicole Engard of Bywater Solutions lands in Montana

Nicole Engard @ Jenkins Law Library

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I know you are all jealous! We get Nicole for two and a half days. Training and a Conference Presentation at Broad Valleys Federation Spring Conference. It will be SO great to have Nicole in Butte where we have just reopened after being flooded in November. We plan on showing her the town and taking her for a soak in the Fairmont Hot Springs…. yeah, you’re jealous! I will update here as the week progresses.

BSB Library to add a Museum to ILS

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I like to think that there is at least one thing I do here in Butte in a month someone might be interested in. This month we submitted an application to IMLS (Institute of Museum and Library Sciences) for grant funding to take our World Museum of Mining‘s sampling of 80 jpeg images that are in comma separated values(CSV) to marc. Then we are gonna add a digital branch to our ILS and let them link to our OPAC from their website.

As it is now they are not discoverable on the internet. We will also batch load the records to OCLC (at our expense) so World Cat will improve searching for the images.

As one of letter’s of support stated:

“This project to create a reusable infrastructure that will result in the cataloging of and creation of multiple access points for a valuable collection of historic photographs is valuable not only for Butte -Silver Bow Public Library and the World Museum of Mining but also for cultural institutions around the state. This project will provide a test for smaller libraries and museums to find a cost-effective way to catalog their unique collections of historic photographs.”

How can we do this on our tiny budget in our small library, you ask? We can do it BECAUSE we are a Koha-Community library and if I can imagine it, chances are it can be done! Many thanks to the Koha-Community for allowing me to reach waaaaay beyond what some say can not be done.

I’ll let you know if we get funded…should be six months or so before we know. (gotta love the government)


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Butte moves to Koha 3.2.1

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Hello to all my friends in libraryland. I wanted to let you know that we have moved to 3.2.1(just in time for the 3.2.2) upgrade! LOL. Blaine Fleming, who really isn’t a “selfishman” helped in cleaning up our MySql database and installed Ubuntu OS for our new upgrade. We have been moving to Ubuntu on our public PCs and are happy with the security and the user interface. We are still exploring some the new features, most of our time right now is working on the South Branch of the library operating well as we continue to repair and clean up from the water disaster. BTW if you have a water disaster call Belcor they rocked it, in drying us out in less than a week.

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Free software, flooded libraries: The good and the bad…

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One of the life lessons I have learned these past few months is that “it is all good…” I have seen some pretty amazing things emerge from some grim situations. It seems that in the face of adversity the best of us rise up and champion what is right, true, fair and good.  Those of us who choose to see the glass half full.

First Koha- the good was the conference in Wellington where we all got to look into each others’  eyes, each others’ code and see common ground and renewed commitment.  The bad was the unnecessary wrestling over proprietary ideas, which to most people seems oxymoronic.

Second- my library flooded on Nov. 30th. Five inches of water on three floors-that was profoundly bad. More damage to the building than the collections- that’s good. Drywall and carpet can be replaced, but the community has been without its library now for two weeks…and believe me for some that is an eternity- that’s bad.  So time to do the right thing- serve the people- that’s good. Amazingly one by one the community- my community- the one I serve- stepped up to serve ME! How humbling. First a free space at the mall big enough to offer services, then Walmart came with a crew, materials and went to work making it a bright and happy place- that’s good. The local carpet dealer showed up and is laying 2400 sq ft of NEW carpet, for free- that’s good. We will be open to the public providing the OH SO necessary services of a library, 20 days from our flood- Yea, that is good. I have 2 or 3 months before I can open our main library- that is bad.  The community I serve knows the value of what we do and THEY have made it possible for me to do my job- that is good.

So the glass is half full. It is all about how we feel about our place in the scheme of things…when we realize we are part of a bigger community and what we do means something to others, it MUCH easier to give without reservation knowing our cup will be filled again- that is good.

So as the new year approaches, be happy, be glad, be secure in your place in the bigger picture and see the good that can come from the bad.

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